Home now, I am savoring bokchoi, Tapada Dos Ganhoes red wine, two kinds of cheese, pitted kalamatas and fresh rosemary peasant loaf dipped in olive oil. Oh heaven.

The ride back from ShelburneFalls felt dreamlike. To one side of the bridge the skies opened up with hints of pink across the blue sky over the water, looking as though from a Hudson Valley painting. To the left the skies broiled, dark with heavy clouds, spitting intermittent drops my direction. The Asian-tinged melody on the radio complimented the drive perfectly.

I was able to grab the mail and scurry into the house just as the drops began to fall. I am thrilled that once again my plants are nourished by natural means and the lush of spring will continue to come.

My massage from Towner has left me more grounded, feeling physically calmed and rested in a way I haven’t been in quite a while. Thank you thank you; I can’t wait to tell her. For her hands, her attention to my sore body, her time to talk and share our lives with one another. The stories we share with one another are so very important to me.  We seem to connect on truly personal levels, meaningful ones. Genuine. It means a lot and I relish the opportunity.

This… this means so much to me. The muchness is so very rich and vibrant filled with texture, and ease, and laughter and listening. It is a blessing!


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